My Mothers Influence

My name is "Ta-idetbastmut", meaning (lit.) "The Sweet Fragrance of Bast-Mut" or "The Influence of Bast-Mut". I wish I could say it was love at first sight (when I was given it), but actually my first reaction was to be dismayed at the presence of that dash, (I thought at first) awkwardly placed near the... Continue Reading →

Contemplating Nut

My Nut is one with the water and stars, whose crown is that of a water-pot, full to the brim and spilling into her nimble, capable hands. She is gentle; a compassionate presence whose very Being permeates warmth and intense, motherly love that you just know in your very soul is completely unconditional and forgiving,... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Your Name

In Kemetic myth, knowing someones true name gives power over that person. Aset tricks Ra into revealing His true name to Her, thus making Her equal in power to the Sun God. It's said that the Goddess Renenutet bestows upon us a secret name at birth that only She knows, thus giving Her great power... Continue Reading →

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